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Multisport Base Solutions Ltd is a trading style of 'Bacement Ltd'

Reg Office: Nottingham UK

Registered: 08269932


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MultiSport Base Solutions

MultiSport Base Solutions is an innovative Research and Development company specialising in a revolutionary method of producing our unique pervious concrete.


Developed and designed over a 3 year period, Laboratory refined and tested.


We have developed and built a mobile machine capable of producing a level bound dynamic stone surface which is tough, durable and sygnificantly cheaper than all current options.


Our latest machines are built on trailer chassis for maximum access and minimum disruption.


UK based with international license interest as far as USA and Australia.

Spraying & Mixing Machine

Our light footed, self sufficient mobile spray machine carries its own materials, produces its own electric, mixes as it moves, spraying up to 2000 sqm of bacement solution per day, creating a solid pervious bound stone.

We've made porous concrete cost effective.

A porous non slip path, supplied for a golf project. A price competitive safe and attractive hard wearing walkway laid on a steep slope with minimum disruption.


Paths & Walkways

Porous Sport Bases

Current preferred method of pitch base construction involves over engineering to facititate heavy machinery. Our unique method produces a harder base, with less impact, reduced excavatuion, reduced cost, faster process, no waste, increased profits.

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