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Multisport Base Solutions Ltd is a trading style of 'Bacement Ltd'

Reg Office: Nottingham UK

Registered: 08269932


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Bacement Products





Our path product have a textured surface, which is a hard wearing, non slip, and  hard wearing version of our porous or non porous path.


Our mobile unit can produce up to 2000m2 of pervious concrete per day. We spray our product on to the pre laid aggregate, using our self sufficient compact and mobile mixing machine. Our unique method of spraying our product makes this process both cost effective to produce and commercially available.


Now available in over 20 colours!

We lay down a stone base as per specifications for individual ground conditions using dynamic stone


Our method involves no machinery or foot traffic compromising the stone surface until the stone has bound together into a solid crust


Stone thickness can be reduced significantly due to current method of over engineering to accommodate very heavy tarmac pavers


Interlocking board system to eliminate movement or damage to surface


Surface can be walked on after 24 hours – Driven on after 36 hours